The Rampage

Kyla Downs-Paprocki

Kyla Downs-Paprocki

Kyla Downs-Paprocki is probably one of the most outgoing students you will ever meet. You can probably hear her tea kettle laugh from across the room, then follows with a donkey cackle.

Kyla plays travel and high school softball, and before you ask " is she good?"  She is Just a PO " pitcher only". That means that she can't do anything else then throw a ball underhand. Then again, her attitude is based off if she played well, so if she has a sour face, don't say anything.

Another thing about Kyla is that she likes rocks, but she calls them crystals. Her favorite "rock" is Fluorite. She says it helps with creativity, what maniac thinks that rocks can do anything.

Lastly Kyla is one of the nicest girls you will ever meet. She is that one friend that will skip a class to go make sure that your day will go better than it was before. She is dedicated to making sure everyone is o other than herself, its the Italian in her. That always has ups and downs, but she will love everyone, until you make her mad, which can happen very quickly, she holds grudges.

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Kyla Downs-Paprocki