It Has Only Been a WEEK


So now that we are all on lockdown and have to do online school. I thought it would be a cool idea if I did a weekly diary of what I am doing and how I am doing on a day to day basis of being trapped in my house for who knows how long.

Sunday, March 29:

These past 2 weeks of spring break were amazing and chill. I went to some beaches, hung out with some friends and it was fun. Now ONLINE SCHOOL starts tomorrow and I already have a feeling this is not going to be good. First off, my sleep schedule is ruined. I go to bed at 2 or 3 in the morning and don’t wake up until 12 in the afternoon. Second, some of my teachers don’t even know how to play a youtube video so I wonder how they are going to teach school online. Well, it’s ok, at least everyone is going to be in the same boat for now. Also, side note, I have been online shopping a little too much recently…send help.

Monday, March 30:

Good Morning, it’s 9’oclock and I just woke up. First day of school online…YAY. I got out bed, took a shower, got ‘ready’ and made some breakfast. I’m kind of liking this online schooling. Being able to wake up later and actually have time for breakfast is so nice. Well, I thought this was going to be easier but right after I am feeling good about this day, I open my ecampus with a lot of English and Spanish assignments due in 5 days. ARE YOU SERIOUS!! Already they are going to pile on loads of assignments the first week of this new type of learning. I can’t. 

Tuesday, March 31:

Ok… new day. Today I woke up early and went on a bike ride with my mom and we rode to planet smoothie, my favorite. After having a good start to the morning, I logged in on my computer and started my workaround 10ish. I finished my math, science and did one English assignment. Very proud…well good enough because I again still can’t believe how much more work they are loading us with. Anyways I believe I had a good, productive day. Also, we won’t mention how half of the day I was playing on my phone and watching TikTok’s but it’s ok, right?

Wednesday, April 1:

OMG…it is finally April. Today I was super excited because my mom promised me Dunkin Donuts and it was really good. Now back to school…UGHHH. So today I finished most of my work and by the “end” of the day, I just wanted to sleep forever. 

Thursday, April 2:

I’m not even going to lie, I did absolutely nothing today…oops. Those past couple of days were just a lot and knowing that I still have more work overwhelmed me, so I ended up doing nothing to do with school. I was productive still. I kind of thought of today as a self-clean/turn-off day. I cleaned my room, did my laundry, watched some Netflix, did a face mask and chilled. It was nice to have a break from school.

Friday, April, 3:

Today is the day I push the grind button. I turned in lots of work and still had some time left for myself. Basically I pushed myself to sit down for 5 hours and just get everything done. There wasn’t a lot to talk about because I woke up, did school, had some breaks throughout, ate and then went to bed.

Saturday, Sunday, April 4-5:

ITS THE WEEKEND!! It really doesn’t have the same meaning as it did when we actually went to school. Anyways the first of many weeks of online school is done. Here is my review and the pros and cons of this new school. First off teachers really need to stop overloading kids with work just because there is nothing else to do but chill or school. There is no need to assign 10 assignments for the first week. Now some teachers are respectful so in those classes, everything went smoothly and fine. It was nice to have my own pace at school and do school whenever I felt like it. The only con was the teachers not understanding that we have 6 other classes and thinking that we can get done 20+ assignments a week.