Interview with Makeup Artist Sherry Morgan


I wanted to start off by saying we have been quarantined for a couple weeks now… and I have hardly touched my makeup. Luckily for me, my mom is a professional makeup artist, and she agreed to give me a quick and easy makeover so I can look cute even if the only people that will see me is my family and, well, my dog. I also got to ask her a few questions that will give you a fun insight to her life as a makeup artist as well as some useful tips and that will help your makeup game.

What is a makeup product that you find absolutely essential?

“Is that a trick question? No, I’m just kidding. I would say mascara. The reason being is I feel like it is the one thing that can kind of open your eyes up and it looks good on every person. You don’t have to try to pick a color, and it can immediately enhance their eyes.

How did you start your career in makeup and where has it lead you today?

I started my career in makeup when I got married. I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and I worked in the mall and I loved going to the Clinique counter because it was the first counter that actually sat me down to do my makeup when I was in college. I was obsessed with this movie called Addicted to Love with Meg Ryan, and I loved her smoky eye. So I went to the counter every day trying to perfect this eye and the girl behind the counter said ‘Do you want a job?’ I said ‘Can I do that?’ and she said ‘Yeah, we’ll train you’ and I said ‘Okay!’ So I went and I started with Clinique and from there I opened one of the first Sephoras in the United States and was a manager there. Then I started freelancing and doing weddings. Then I found my home (I would like to say I found my home) with Bobbi Brown when I was thirty and started freelancing for them, and then I became a national artist for them at one point and traveled. Now I just do all kinds of things with it; I love it.”

What route would be best for young people interested in a career in makeup to take in order to have a solid job in the future?

“Well, I would for sure say learn social media content. I would also tell you to, if you could, go learn hair and makeup because I wish I could go back on my clock and learn all of those skill sets because nowadays, even on movies and things like that, they want a person that can do everything. I would learn how to do prosthetics; I would just learn how to a lot. I live in the world of the beauty industry, so that is what my focus is. I would definitely tell you to work retail at some point and get behind a counter, because if you want to grow in the beauty industry as an account executive or a field executive, you have got to have counter experience and manager experience in a retail environment. Just start making a portfolio! Don’t get caught up on just products you like, but really listening to your client and what they want versus just what you like to put on people.

What is your favorite style of  makeup to do, and what are some of the products essential to that look?

My favorite style of makeup to do is a beach look. Essential products are highlighters, foundation that is very glowy, very black mascara, a very bronze/copper eye shadow, a black eyeliner, and a nude lip.

What has been your favorite makeup trend since becoming a makeup artist?

I can say my favorite makeup trend that I absolutely loved is highlighting, because if I was a product I would probably be a highlighter. Bobbi Brown said it best herself when she used to always tell us to highlight the positive. That’s why I was never a big contour fan, because contouring is all about what you don’t like about yourself and changing it, whereas highlighting you are highlighting what you love.


Products used in video:

-Snapscara (Maybelline)

-Ambient Highlighter Pallet (Hourglass)

-Natural Brow Shaper (Bobbi Brown)

-Santa Barbera Illuminating Powder (Bobbi Brown)

-Lip Balm (Bobbi Brown)

-Crystal Gloss (Bobbi Brown)

-Skin Weightless Powder Foundation (Bobbi Brown)

-Radiant Creamy Concealer (Nars)

-Soothe Moisture Replenishing Cream (Rodan and Fields)

-Eyelash Curler (Tweezerman)

-Full Coverage Face Brush (Bobbi Brown)

-Face Blender Brush (Bobbi Brown)

-Full Coverage Touch Up Brush (Bobbi Brown)

-Sheer Powder Brush (Bobbi Brown)