True Patriots Wear a Mask


In 2020, it feels like even the most random things are being politicized. From beans (have you heard who Goya endorsed?) to Tiktok (your president hates it), nothing is safe from America’s relentless partisan divide. Why are we surprised that a global pandemic isn’t any different?

As masks and social distancing are mandated across the country, people have taken to the streets to express their dissent. Many claim the pandemic itself is a hoax, while others maintain that wearing a mask infringes on their personal freedom. 

While walking through downtown Deland two weeks ago, my friends and I found ourselves in the middle of an anti-mask protest. It was a complete culture shock. The three of us were equipped with masks and hand sanitizer for a couple of reasons: we trust the CDC, and we don’t mind mildly inconveniencing ourselves in order to potentially save lives. 

Stetson freshman Wyatt Sise, pictured above, was appalled at the totally different world just a few blocks away from his school.

“On campus, masks are required everywhere, and social distancing infractions are taken very seriously.” Stetson’s stringent safety policies are allowing the school to move from Phase 1 to Phase 2 reopening, as cases continue to decrease on campus. 

As Sise acknowledged, the anti-mask protests are “incredibly stupid.” In fact, the United States is the only country that has received so much backlash for safety regulations. 

We’ve watched the value of personal freedom ingrained in America quickly turn toxic. Americans confuse government regulations put in place to keep us safe with the violation of true rights, such as freedom of speech, press, and protest. 

Honestly, we couldn’t help but laugh at those who attended the anti-mask, “pro-freedom” rally. The protestors believed they represented the historical American values of independence and personal freedom. In reality, the Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves at the stupidity of such protests.