A Student’s Survival Guide During Coronavirus


A lot of LMHS students are staying home during this year, either doing connect or virtual school. Even so, life goes on, people get hungry, bored, and out of shape. With that in mind, this is a guide that can give you some ideas to help yourself.



Cooking is a skill that many don’t exactly practice much, so an easy recipe that is quick to make is essential for those that don’t have any way of getting food otherwise. Wraps are super simple and customizable to your tastes, it also uses whatever ingredients that you have in your kitchen, the only essential ingredient being the tortilla.

Base Ingredients –

-large tortillas or other wraps

-1-3 leaves of lettuce

-1 tomato (sliced)

These 3 ingredients are the main ingredients in every wrap, but the good part comes with other fillings. Here are some ideas that you can consider putting in your wrap.

-Mozzarella Cheese (any cheese works but mozzarella is the good stuff)

-Chicken (Chicken tenders/nuggets are easy to just bake and place in)


-Other vegetables and fruits (red peppers, cilantro, apples, cucumbers, etc)

-A sauce (ranch, hot sauce, peanut butter)

There are many other ingredients you can put in, but listing everything would be a hassle. Experiment with what you’ve got.


  1. Lay the tortilla on a clean flat surface, place whatever ingredients you want on the bottom half of the tortilla. Make sure you don’t overfill it or else it’ll be difficult to wrap.
  2. To wrap it, fold over the tortilla over the filling until it just covers it. Then fold the sides in to keep the filling snug. Lastly, fold the rest of the bottom half over itself to get a wrap.
  3. Optionally, you can refrigerate or heat on a stovetop to get it to how you want it. (Cold wraps hit different though, try it)

It’s super simple, quick, and you can store it for later. Tortillas, lettuce, and tomatoes are rather cheap too for those that are frugal.


Fighting the Boredom

Being bored is normal. Even in class, with your friends, you can be bored. Picking up a hobby or interest can distract you from the unending boredom. Gaming is the oh-so-popular hobby that millions partake in. Everyone’s played a game in their life, whether electronic or physical. Considering the wide variety there are, you’ll surely be able to find a genre that you enjoy. Whether it be an FPS, party game, fighting game, board game, RPG, MMO, puzzle game, or otherwise, there’s no limit to the variety that gaming holds. The music and art is another interesting hobby that can fill the void. Learning an instrument or learning how to draw straight lines are both things that could take me hundreds of hours to master… unfortunately. These hobbies are also impressive to many so if you want a way to show off and impress your friends, it’s not a bad choice whatsoever. An unconventional hobby that few might think of is social media. Not just talking to your friends though. Playing a game almost with your follower number or the number of likes you can get is an interesting social experiment that can last quite a while. It’s not as simple as one might think to get random people to be interested in whatever you’re doing. Finding ideas to grow is a hill that never ends.


Staying in Shape

Ok so imagine this, you’re a normal freshman of last year looking for something to do. You notice that there’s a track team and even though you don’t exercise enough to be a star, you figure that you can put some work in and have fun. Then the virus hits, school closes after only running for a semester. Flash forward 6 months, you haven’t run since, you haven’t touched the gym, and the most exercise you’ve done is the roll when you get out of bed. This isn’t projecting, I’m a senior and I don’t even do track. Either way, you can feel your muscles dying and your pride plummeting. Getting into a workout routine would be a perfect pick me up to replace your usual regiment. Since most people don’t own weights at home, I’ll show you some exercise regiments that don’t require any equipment.

  1. Pushups, Squats, and Heel Raises (full body, bodyweight exercise, do as many sets as you can)
  2. Pullups, Lunges, Leg raises, and Mountain climbers

It’s difficult to describe exercises, just search it up.