The LMHS Arctic Circle

A land where no student ever finds happiness and true peace, only hoodies.

Lake Mary High School is usually a very comfortable environment, but some rooms are straight-up freezers. Students and teachers alike have theorized on end why this could be the case. It could be due to poor regulation of school-wide temperatures, errors in the system, or even just as a slimy way to save costs for the school, being a public institution. No matter the backing though, it no doubt affects students negatively, taking away their attention from the focal point. Which room is the worst of these offenders and stands as the LMHS Freezing Point? Let’s ask 30 seniors and explore the top 3.

Ms. Ling

At number 3 is Ms. Ling’s class, next door to Weger. Located by the back bus ramp, the room exonerates a mildly cold temperature that leaves some shivering, even in jeans. One person goes on record as stating that a jacket was necessary to make the class more comfortable, which only highlights the need to make themselves hotter during the day, just so they can be sufficiently warm when the bell rings. What doesn’t help is how warm it gets sometimes, soon replaced by cold air and intensifying the effect, since the door is located outside. Personally, experience supports these claims as truth, as chills were an everyday occurrence within the walls.

Dr. Peabody

Just slightly above the number of votes for Ling, Peabody was described with deeper analysis and reasoning, which puts into perspective just how bad it gets. One voter told the story of how the room itself came to be known as the “Ice Box”. The name fits, given that the room is small enough to trap in cold air and not let go easily. Unfortunately, this means that the problem is hard to resolve without adding heat to the equation. Being on a similar level to Ling, if not worse, means it carries the same problems, adding a new layer to the miserable cake.

Mr. Crisp

At the top spot, where the majority agrees is the coldest of the cold, is none other than Mr. Crisp himself. The room is located in the center of the school, on the left side of the main hall on the first floor. This means that most of the school’s AC flow dumps out its vents, and the students can sure feel it. Most, if not every student wears jackets, just as in the rooms before, but even Crisp himself acknowledges the problem, stockpiling blankets for the freeze. Students have also brought in desperate measures like sleeping bags. However, when a teacher fully knows and has to get involved, that’s when a line gets crossed. Thanks to the high severity over other classes on top of everything before it, he takes the win as the LMHS Freezing Point.