Quantum Tunneling is Real?


Have you ever wanted to walk through a wall? You probably thought, ‘that’s impossible’, but technically the odds aren’t zero. “Quantum Tunneling is the quantum mechanical phenomenon where a wave function can propagate through a potential barrier.” In other words, it’s the odd chance that particles, which should be impossible to go through a solid object, appears on the other side. A physicist, Schrödinger, made an equation to find the possibility of experiencing quantum tunneling.

The equation is: P= e(-2KL), where L is the width of the barrier and K is the wave number. The equation to find the wave number is [sqrt(2m(V-E))]/h, where V is the barriers potential energy, E is the energy of the tunneling object, the thing that will pass through barrier, and h is Planck’s Constant divided by 2 times pi. Planck’s is a constant that ‘gives the unvarying ratio of the energy of a quantum of radiation to its frequency.

So, say you did the equation, thing is, the probability is extremely low- almost zero. Almost. How would you test it? For now, quantum tunneling has only happened at a microscopic level. It is not, by definition, impossible for a human to walk through a wall. However, the chances are so incredibly low that it might as well be.