Fashionable people at Lake Mary


As a student at Lake Mary I’ve seen many different types of unique fashion styles that I think are pretty cool. Here are some of a few outfits that I have seen that I think are pretty good.


This is Alex he is wearing Ralph Lauren with some Converse. Alex says “I got my necklace at a store.”

This is Isabella. She is wearing loose orange pants, a white tank top, with a green coat. Isabella says, “I get my clothes through thrifting and Shein.” Instagram:@Isabella_marinaccio.

This is Jaden; he is wearing “Some nice school clothes.” He says “I get my clothes from the mall, outlets.”


This is Stella she is wearing a black skirt, a Caramel shirt, and a gray jacket. She says, “I get my clothes from amazon, thrift stores, and target.”