Want to live abroad?

Living abroad is a unique and refreshing experience that can have many benefits. Though of course, there’s always pros and cons of doing so. Regardless, the pros outweigh the cons.


Living abroad is a momentous experience, there’s nothing like stepping down into another country, even more augmented if it is for the first time. Apart from the initial joy that this brings, there are many other benefits of experiencing life abroad. Keep in mind that some of these benefits may not apply if the country is similar to your own:

Stepping out of comfort zones: Most likely, people will go to live abroad in countries that speak different languages. Due to this, you must be able to adjust to the new patterns and cultures that new setting brings. This will undoubtedly pull you out of your usual routines and ways of living.

Meeting new people: Perhaps one of the best things that can happen whilst living abroad is making friends with different people with multiple different cultures and ways of living. This can widen people’s scopes and views as they are exposed to many other’s views and ideals. Also, you can establish connections with people living in other countries.

New language: Exposure to a new language is inevitable if you live in a country that doesn’t speak your native one. In order to adjust comfortably in a new country, picking up its language is the best choice. By incorporating the new language, it is more possible to develop fluidly in the country. It also never hurts to speak another language.

Experience: Of course, the best part about living abroad is the experience that comes with it. Things might be rocky at first, but if you manage to settle in well, every moment will be enriching and fruitful.


A student commented her thoughts on living abroad and the benefits that come with it: “I would love living abroad, especially in South Korea, because I could learn a new language, culture, and open my eyes to a whole new world. Also I could improve my connections and gain new knowledge.”

Another person added her opinion: “I think it’s good to live abroad because I like to eat foreign foods and I enjoy meeting new people.”

Things to keep in mind

While living abroad is an amazing experience, it is important to be respectful towards the culture or customs of the country. Most people from different countries like or don’t mind foreigners as long as they do not overstep certain boundaries. For example, in some Asian countries it may be considered disrespectful to initiate physical contact. Though physical contact is more prominent in other cultures, it would be rude in some.

Researching the customs of the country you wish to live in is also recommended. By doing this you will know what to expect and how to conduct yourself among a whole other culture.