How to fix your sleep schedule


We all humans need sleep, it is crucial for our living, but not all people prioritize getting enough sleep. Not getting enough sleep can be very harmful to your body, causing many problems like fatigue, mood changes, irritability, and a lot more. So I decided to make a guide that will help you reset your sleep schedule.

Before I tell you how to fix your sleep schedule I recommend you to know how many hours of sleep you need to get.

Getting Tired: One of the many things you can do is start exercising, as we all know exercising leaves us exhausted which is exactly what we need to be able to sleep almost right after we touch our bed.

Practicing Yoga/Meditation: As I’ve talked in many of my articles meditation is one of the best things you can do, Meditation as well as Yoga help to relax both your mind and your body.

Stop taking Naps: You cant expect to be able to sleep at night if you keep taking naps during the day, while you may think that taking naps makes you better it doesn’t and it will make you more sleepy.

Get Comfortable: Getting comfortable is also an amazing way to get some good rest, make sure that before you go to bed you have your comfiest pair of PJ’s, the air conditioner is at your preferred, and that you have taken a hot bath.

Turn off your electronics: You are not going to get enough sleep if your phone keeps ringing at mid-night, Before you go to sleep make sure to turn the volume down of your phone and also turn off the ringer

Don’t drink caffeine: Drinking coffee is one of the things that we love doing but are making matters worse. If you can’t help it and can’t stop drinking coffee you can try many different things like tea, hot chocolate or milk.