Tall Girl Problems


“I’m a high school junior wearing size 13 Nikes. Men’s size 13 Nikes. Beat that.” This quote is from the movie “Tall Girl”, and the point of this movie is to show what its like being a tall girl in this very small world. This movie brought attention to all the things that tall girls suffer with that many shorter people don’t even think about. We interviewed tall girls at LMHS to see what they had to say about this issue. With the help of there answers and some research we came to some shocking results.

First we interviewed a sophomore named Grace Fussell  who is 5’9 with a size 11 shoe. When she was asked about all of the problems that she faces because of her height she had a lot to say. She said “desks are uncomfortable, my neck hurts from looking down while writing, sinks are too short, people can never see over your head in class, jeans and never fit, boys are taller than you, having big feet, hows the weather up there jokes, head gets cut off in photos, and blankets never cover your whole body.” That was just some of the many responses that she had to say to this topic.

Next we interviewed a sophomore named Jayda Scorza who is 5’11 with a size 11 shoe. She said that “some of the problems I face because of my height is that I usually walk faster than my friends, boys think you are too manly, I have big feet, and clothes never fit me properly.” She added on to that by saying that “my height affects my day to day life in so many ways and all the comments about it sometimes get to me.”

The third person we interviewed was a junior named Mckenzie L  who is also 5’11. She said that “the biggest problem that I have because of my height is that clothes, but especially pants never fit me right.” Mckenzie added on to that by saying “being tall isn’t all bad though because it gives me an advantage in the sport that I love to play, which is volleyball.”

These interviews showed us that a lot of tall girls face similar problems that seem to affect their lives on the day to day.  They also showed us that being really tall isn’t all that bad and that there are some perks. It all depends on who you talk to and how they view their height. Something that can help tall people with these problems is if people start making things more accessible for them in general, because tall people aren’t and should never be considered a problem.