My Elective Wishlist for LMHS

My Elective Wishlist for LMHS

Lake Mary offers a good variety of classes; this includes Chorus, art, social media, spanish, nutrition and much more. While these classes cover very diverse experiences, there are some things that Lake Mary doesn’t offer. If new electives were to be added it would cover much more ground as in preparing students for their possible careers. Classes that would be good to add include:


Sewing is offered at middle schools such as Millennium; and I’ll be honest to say that I was shocked when Lake Mary didn’t offer this class. Sewing is a good skill to have, even if it’s just knowing how to make a stitch. This could help kids know how to fix rips in their shirts, embroidery and being able to design clothes that aren’t on the market. This would be an amazing class for people who are looking to make a career out of fashion design. Knitting would be an amazing class that could stem off of sewing. You could make stuffed animals, hats and blankets with this class.

World languages:

At our school, we already have a couple of languages that are offered. However, I believe the number of languages should be expanded. Languages like Chinese are very useful in a business setting, and on the other hand students can learn Japanese to watch anime without captions (along with many other things). The more languages offered is more ways that students can communicate with the outside world. This would be very helpful even after kids graduate, which is important because school is basically just setting up kids for the rest of their lives.

History of animation:

The study of animation would be an amazing class to have. It would go back from all the way to 1917 to current time, and would also cover animation from around the world. It would cover things like steamboat willy, Scooby-Doo, and anime. This class should also offer the students working together as a team to create different projects. Things like animated water, a person walking and maybe just a simple running animation can give kids a taste of what it could be like to work at animation studios.


Gardening would be an amazing class. With the current climate crisis going on it’s important for the new generations to start thinking more green, and this class would help with that. Learning how to plant different things, and what plants, fruits and vegetables can and can’t grow in Florida. This could also provide vegetables that the cafeteria could use to prepare food.

Intro to drag:

This class would teach both about the history of LGBTQ+ influence around the world, and also teach about cosmetology. Things like how to style wigs, make a garment, nails and basic makeup skills. This would also teach about things like stonewall, gay marriage being legalized and influential LGBTQ+ people in history. School doesn’t really provide much history on what has happened to the community. This is honestly really sad, gay and trans people have always been a part of history, yet no one teaches anyone about it.


School fights is a very common event at public schools. Kids having no proper way to channel their anger and cope properly to stressful events. Boxing could be a good outlet for these kids, and it’s just a good sport in general. It wouldn’t have to be about kids going after other kids, it could just be about technique. Of course a qualified teacher would be there to make sure everything is being learned properly.

While a lot of classes are offered at Lake Mary, there seems to be a gap where these classes don’t cover. However, the classes listed here only touches the surface of what could be offered here. Some electives should be changed while others should just completely revamped. When it comes to classes, change is good. Kids would have more opportunities to find themselves and to find out what they enjoy doing which could help them decide their future.