Why is graduating high school so important?


If you get your diploma, you can get better career opportunities, better pay, and much more. Nobody wants to go to school — it’s too early, the classes are boring and it’s more tempting to work a job right now and earn money rather than waste time sitting in a boring class making nothing.  


  You have to think long term though.  Wouldn’t you rather make much more money for the rest of your life?  High school money seems good now, but if you don’t have a diploma, you’ll probably be making that same amount for the rest of your life; that means poverty.


  Just graduating high school decreases the chance of unemployment down to about 3.7%. Without graduating you’ll make around $20,200 a year. That’s nearly $10,400 less per year than someone that graduated high school. While that amount of money is good, you can also go to college to be able to earn even more money. 


  If you go to college and get an AA, you can make around $46,120 a year; double the amount of someone that didn’t graduate high school. Although it’s hard to get motivated to go, there are ways you can help make it better.


  In order to help with motivation, you can set goals for yourself. When you set reasonable goals, it helps you actually do schoolwork and be focused on what you want. You can also reward yourself when you do well at something. If you do well, give yourself a special treat like getting takeout food from somewhere or eating your favorite candy.