I’m An Angry Ram. Are You Too?

Im An Angry Ram. Are You Too?

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I often want to punch people in the face. I’m a good person though. How can I feel this way but still be nice?  Well, I got anger issues. I’m not alone.

Our school is filled with people like me.  Covid and the stress that comes with it hasn’t helped.  We’ve been locked up for a year at home then we got to sit in classes that are either missing teachers or missing too many students to actually learn anything. We lost out on clubs and sports and normal high school life.  Some kids only get a clean break in life at school and they’ve been forced into unwanted family time when family time isn’t always cool. On top of that, some kids are doing stupid things like bringing weapons to school.  In short, life can come at you in a very unfair way, and this has probably made me even more on edge.

People with anger problems let there anger control there actions; get angry, let it out, then become calm after you sit in the principals office for ten minutes. This is the wrong way to act, but most people like myself wouldn’t see it that way at the moment of expressing our anger. It’s hard to control your emotions sometimes. Is it my fault?  Partly. However, I’m also 14 years old and if you don’t learn to control yourself from a calm life at home, then you certainly aren’t learning it at school where we just do labs and worksheets.

What makes me angry? I really hate it when people get in the middle of things and end up making it worse; it really ticks me off. After the fact, I get angry with everyone who talks to me. I just let my anger take control of my day. I know I’m not the only one, but once I’m angry for my sake and anyone else’s, I prefer to be left ALONE!

People tell you to just calm down, but it’s not that simple. I try to think about what makes me happy — a happy subject. I also try to reach out to someone you know you can talk to you and calm your mind. This can bring you back to earth because if you know like i know, once we are angry we are out of this world at the moment.

Tristan berry:

What makes you angry?

Answer: “when people catch an uncaused for attitude with me.”

How do you react?

Answer:”i get angry and shut down. Don’t talk to me.”

How do you calm yourself down?

Answer: “I take time to myself and think. I work through it.”

Chloe Cursi

What makes you angry?

Answer: “PEOPLE. I’m pretty much angry most of the time. Life can be unkind.”

How do you react?

Answer : “Sometimes I can control it but sometimes I get really upset and cry in the bathroom. The vapers hiding in the stalls aren’t very good emotional support though.”

How do you calm yourself down?

Answer: “I take deep breaths and view celebrity gossip.”