Braces vs. Invisalign

Braces vs. Invisalign

When you smile, do kids scream in fear?  You might need braces.   If so, then you have options: typically traditional metal or the fancy-schmancy Invisalign or perhaps the cheapo knock-offs you might see online. What to pick?  Well, it largely depends on your parent’s money supply, but if you could choose, which one should you pick?

The pros of Invisalign new comfort, more attractive, convenience, can be removed, and minimal maintenance. But, the cons are they are expensive, attachments, have to wear them 22 hours per day, tooth discomfort, inconvenience.

The cons of braces are decalcification, sores, can’t eat all foods, adjustments or tightening. The pros of braces are the work quickly, the are affordable, and durable. Also, they are just easy because you don’t have to take them off and you just have them on for 24 hours and don’t even feel them.

Sophomore Gianna Nieves said, ” I like braces more because I feel like I would lose my Invisalign or forget to wear it and it will take longer than braces. Braces are just so easy to take care of and they work fast.”

Freshman Anna Voigt said, “I like braces because it was a fast process and I loved my teeth after braces. They also didn’t bother me at all and I never broke anything bc they were so durable.”

Braces and Invisalign both do they same its just up to you if you want them longer and spend more money. Both are great to make your teeth better and look good. Also,  Invisalign can be taking out but you still have to wear them for 22 hours