TikTok Bum Shakers


TikTok live streams have gone WILD! People have been dressing up in costumes, eating disgusting foods, shaking their butts, dancing, and even partaking in intimate activities all live for everyone on TikTok to see. Regardless of how weird these streams are, they have gone viral, and we’re all getting exposed to them.

These bum shakers get thousands of views from people all over the world, and the surprising part is that they rarely get banned. The majority of viewers probably consist of old and creepy men who have no life, but they still sadly end up on many teenagers fyp’s as well.

Sophomore Quinn Mcintyre is one of the victims and she says, “Yes, I do get strange weird stuff on my TikTok feed, but I find it really funny. I still think that a lot of it should be monitored, but other than that I do enjoy my weird TikTok feed.” This proves that not all the weird stuff on TikTok is inappropriate and actually a lot of it is really funny, but too much of the content is likely inappropriate. Many people also consider watching inappropriate content as possibly having a link to mental health issues. In addition, many people who do post inappropriate things might be suffering from mental health issues themselves and we could be laughing at people in trouble — this is not something that most people would watch in public, so why is it ok to watch privately? If this is so, then Tik Tok could be fostering¬† an unsafe environment on a platform that is watched by millions and millions of impressionable teens.

These videos could have long term affects on the people making them too. The affects likely revolve around having difficulty getting a job in future or ever being taken seriously because of the image that they have represented online. This could pose problems for major companies as it could destroy the companies reputation if someone’s inappropriate video got leaked. This is why it is more important than ever for people to be conscious of what they post as their social media history — we’ve been told this many times, but it is true: your content never truly ever goes away.

Sophomore Dylan Yoder was another victim of this TikTok mayhem and he said, “I do get weird and inappropriate videos on my TikTok feed, and I think that they are funny to an extent, but many more are just gross. I have seen many weird things including people shaking their butts and people doing private activities with their significant other along with other things that I shouldn’t be seeing.” This shows that many teens experience the same weird things on their TikTok feed and they have a similar response to them as well.

People post and live stream weird and inappropriate things on social media all the time, but it is important for people to consider their future when posting stuff like this and also consider the possible viewers to these videos. Some of these videos are funny and entertaining, but others are actually  inappropriate. It is important for videos like these to be monitored and possibly banned for the safety of everyone on platforms as popular as TikTok.