Ladies, We’re Heading to Ukraine!

Ladies, Were Heading to Ukraine!

The Russia vs. Ukraine conflict has gotten to the point where mentions of WW3 have been thrown around. The last world war started 83 years ago so if we were to enter another one things would certainly be different, especially concerning the role of women. Back then women were expected to be housewives, not fighters. Nowadays society expects more from women but would that include putting them into the draft? How far does equality go? Many are split on the issue. Here are the two sides of the issue explained by two of our ram’s.

Carly C. doesn’t think that women should be drafted, she says “I’m not against gender roles in society so I’m not against only men being drafted. I think it’s more ethical that way if I’m being honest. Men can go out to war while women can keep things sane over here, it’ll keep things balanced.”

Sarai R. thinks that women should be drafted, she says “Equality is a concept I hold near and dear to my heart and although I don’t speak for all I’m certain I’m the voice for some when I say that I wouldn’t mind be drafted, and yes before you ask, I am a women. While men and women may not be equal biologically we are all equal in the eyes of the law and the service we can provide for our country. In times of crises helping hands are always wanted and by introducing women into the draft positions left long unfilled would be rendered obsolete. In addition, personally I don’t think I could live with myself knowing that I could be doing more to prevent the senseless loss of life as I peek from the sidelines. Women have worked too hard for the privilege to steer our fates to turn the other cheek when hard times come knocking. “

Luckily for everyone the draft was abolished in 1973 and even if we still had it, it’d likely not be needed due to the large size of our military. It’s still interesting to think about the possibilities about a draft because of the way our society has changed. Does the now heavily supported movement of feminism mean women are “strong” enough to be drafted into war? Does our society actually believe in full equality for both genders? We will likely never know those answers but it is an intriguing thought.