My Take: Rams on Rampage — “no, not the class.”

My Take: Rams on Rampage -- no, not the class.

This school is really starting to shake. It’s sad, but at LMHS,  the forest animals are the students, and they have gone wild.

Most may wonder what I mean by ‘wild.’ These students are starting not to care they are having a mini war at LMHS. Don’t get me wrong, I have a quick temper, so ik how it feels. Now the year is almost over and students are giving in really quick.  We’re over the stress and all the bad stuff happening in the world and at our homes. These kids are out here fighting like kangaroos.

Don’t get me wrong again.  Lake Mary is a fire school, but it’s a lot of drama here lately. Lake Mary is really good in the educational way and the administration is trying to help the best that they know how.  As an student, I can tell you what administrators are doing to stop the problems are not going to help though. Some referrals and Saturday school isn’t helping. If students have a problem with each other, they are most likely going to handle with each other inside or out of school. Nowadays people want to prove points and sum react off anger. If admin wants to help, they need to get to the core problem which is the drama and people lacking ways to cope with it.

I decided to see how people feel about what’s going on at LMHS, so I asked one our fellow freshman: Natalie Zuzunaga.

Q: What is your opinion on the fights going on at school?

A:”I think it crazy that kids that are about to go into the world are fighting over little things.  I think that we should be more mature.”

Q: Do you think admin is capable of stopping the craziness?

A:”No, because a lot of the drama happens outside of school. It’s hard for them to stop a problem when they only see the end result.  They could do more to teach kids to handle conflicts ahead of it becoming a real problem.”

Q: What advice would u give admin?

A:”GET THERE QUICKER and teach the teachers to listen and teach us how to deal with conflict.”