Top 5 Starbucks Drinks


Starbucks constantly is changing their drink menus to keep things fresh. The question is whether the new choices are worthy successors to our favorites or do they suck?   The Rampage forced a Lake Mary Ram to consume ridiculous quantities of Starbucks to measure her response to the selection. The mission is to find the top five ultimate Starbucks drinks.

Blonde Vanilla latte– Starlyn M. “This drink sometimes could be super bitter if Starbucks doesn’t mess it up again but anyways its a pretty sweet drink. Extra stuff I put in is whipped cream, and cinnamon powder. The whip cream makes the drink even better and less bitter. The cinnamon powder just adds more flavor *Chefs kiss*. I rat this drink a 7/10.”

Iced toasted white chocolate mocha– Starlyn M. “MY FAV DRINK. This drink is literally amazing and super simple. I have two different orders, the first one is adding vanilla sweet cold foam, cinnamon powder, and almond milk. The other order would be adding whipped cream, 5+ pumps of chocolate mocha sauce. I rate this drink a 10/10.”

Iced macchiato– Starlyn M. “This drink can be bitter sometimes just depends on the extra adding you add to the drink. Ill usually add two sugars, extra caramel, and almond milk. Its a good drink to have when you are tired because you can taste the coffee more and its just a wakeup call. This used to be my usual drink until I found the love of my life white mocha. I rate this drink a 6/10. I would recommend with the add ins of my choice.”

Carmel Ribbon Crunch Frappe– Starlyn M. “Honestly this drink is really good if you want something sweet and delicious. This drink has a rich creamy caramel taste and topped with whipped cream. The little caramel sugars on top is what makes this drink for me though. They’re crunchy and adds a nice contrast to the smooth frappe, yet it complements the drink well. 10/10 would recommend.”

Green tea frappe– Starlyn M. ” This drink seemed to be a good balance between sweetness and bitterness. I did have a nice, slightly bitter matcha aftertaste and I enjoyed tasting that part of it. The flavor reminds me of the green tea ice cream. The drink is very cool and refreshing so good for a hot day like a summer day. It’s even better when you add whipped cream on top of it. I would probably rate this drink a 8/10.”