The Rise of Ping Pong Boyfriends


We are in the midst of a new ping pong boyfriend epidemic. A ping pong boyfriend is the type of boyfriend that leaves, realizes he messed up, and tries to bounce right back into your life. Ever since quarantine so many of these guys have come to the realization that they need a change in their lives. This “change” lasts about 3-5 business days before crying to their exes that they want them back. Little do they know that girls nowadays aren’t willing to deal with their stuff anymore.

At the beginning of the pandemic the girls were desperate for interaction. Senior Krissy T. says, “I got broken up with during the pandemic and it was definitely that type of relationship. My partner left me because they needed to focus on theirselves but after they found out that I was talking to somebody else they were suddenly mentally stable again. I did ,unfortunately, take them back but I should’ve walked away after the multiple red flags.” In 2022 we need to leave this forgiving nonsense behind us and move on.

Nowadays we need to be more like Sophomore Chloe C. who says, “If someone shows red flags I’m dipping. I had a dude that ghosted me then came back and asked to be friends, I said he has to apologize or we can’t be friends. He said he didn’t feel the need to apologize so I cussed him out and blocked him.” This is how we destroy the ping pong boyfriends. If we don’t allow these guys to bounce back in our lives then they have nowhere to go.

Now that we are in the post-pandemic era, we as a society need to humble these guys. COVID-19 cases are down and the ping pong boyfriends WILL be going down with it. The girls will do all that it takes whether it means leaving guys in the talking stage or staying single for the rest of the foreseeable future.