Do’s and Don’ts of Homecoming Proposals


It’s homecoming season! Rams are walking the hallways with flowers, candy and poster boards as homecoming proposals are happening daily now. If you’re thinking about asking someone, I have a few tips and ideas. First, make sure you ask them in person and not over the phone, that’s lame. Put some effort into it! Ask around and try to think of some things your person likes that you can incorporate into the proposal like their favorite song or snack. A good example could be incorporating a lyric from their favorite song and using it as the phrase on the poster. You could give them a little gift basket filled with their favorite candy/snacks. There are many things you can do but it’s important to remember that you don’t need to spend a lot of money or do it in front of a bunch of people for it to be special.

Here are some ideal proposals from our fellow rams:

” I would want them to show up to my house, with a sign Taylor Swift or One Direction themed, with flowers and some kind of treat like cookies or doughnuts” – Anonymous

” I would want it to be private because I get shy easily and would really appreciate something intimate and genuine. It would be really cute if it involved an inside joke of ours.” – Anonymous

” I’d love it if the proposal happened at my house, nothing corny it has to be creative. It would be great if I got flowers or candy but I don’t really care if they get me something or not, I just want to be able to tell they actually put in effort.” – Anonymous

“I’d like someone to hire a plane to sky-write my proposal in the sky in white smoke.  The plane could then drop boxes of chocolate and Chik-Fil-A that would fall gently as rain upon my head and land at my feet.” — Anonymous


  • Make it meaningful
  • Try your absolute best to keep it a surprise
  • Have fun and don’t be clingy