Homecoming Etiquette for Dummies


Homecoming is a once a year formal dance that anyone who attends school can go to. However, you can always depend on the handful of students that ruin the night for everyone. Here are some tips that will ensure NOT be that person.

Don’t be basic

When it comes to homecoming, don’t be basic. When it comes to homecoming proposals; go all out! Don’t just ask them over text or just casually. Make a poster, buy some gifts (doesn’t need to be expensive) and do a grand gesture. It doesn’t need to be done at school, if you want just go to their house and have it be more intimate. Also, DON’T be basic when it comes to the fit.  I’m not saying you need to buy a $175 dollar dress, I’m saying don’t wear crocs to the event.

Dance Floor

When you’re on the dance floor, keep in mind it’s not just you and your friends. Be mindful where you dance and the people around you. It’s rude as heck to be elbowing people when you dance, having some random guy feel you up, and backing it up on a stranger. After-hoco drama is NOT a joke. Also, don’t water or food in the air where everyone is dancing. If you want to do it to your friend, take it off dance floor and do it somewhere else. The majority of people there spent a long time to look nice, and having one person being a brat can really ruin someones night.

Make solid plans

This might seem obvious, but sadly for some people this isn’t basic knowledge. If you’re going ANYWHERE make a plan at least a couple of days before. Like if you’re going out to eat before or after homecoming you should pick a time everyone is ok with, make a reservation, make sure everyone has a ride there and back, etc. Pick out an outfit at least a week beforehand. Even at a week before, dress sizes and choices will be extremely limited and suit choices will be picked over. Make sure you know who in your group pre-purchased tickets and who needs to buy them in person. Also, it would be best to just skip that issue entirely just buy them online ASAP. Not only will it be cheaper but it also means you get to skip the 30 minute long line.

Don’t leave the person you came with

If you make plans with someone for homecoming, you should stay with that somebody for a majority of the night. I’m not saying you can’t go say hi to your friends, just let the person you’re with know where you’re going and ask if they want to come with. The person you’re with might not have anyone else to talk to and by leaving them you’re putting them in an awkward situation. If you end up leaving that person, at least text them to let them know the general area you’re in.

Have fun

Even though you should keep these tips in mind, don’t take things too seriously. It’s ok if you make loose plans or forget to change out of your slides. This is a once of the year event, so just have fun and have a good night! This is just common ettiequte things you should keep in mind for going anywhere that high school students seem to forget.