Songs To Trend Up Your Playlist


Chances are, loads of people are actually way cooler than you. They have better style, better taste and are more worldly.  They are on trend, while you listen to music that your Dad plays while he drives you to class. Let them help your vibe.  Here’s what the coolest kids at Lake Mary have on their phones:


Get Jinxed- League of Legends, Djerv – Chloe C.

24/7- The Neighbourhood – Ariel C.

Baby Came home 2 / Valentines- The Neighbourhood – Janessa B.

Lauren- Men I Trust – Valeria B.

Heart-Shaped Box- Nirvana – Ash N.

Do I Wanna Know?- Arctic Monkeys – Annabelle M.

Good days- SZA – Alyssa A.

As it was- Harry Styles – Hadyn A.

Sweater weather- The Neighbourhood – Emma K.

Sparks-Coldplay – Ari M.

Change- Djo – Sky M.

3am- King Von – Kayla T

Lithium- Nirvana – Camilla Q

LaLa – PNL – Mr. C

After talking to all of these students I listened to the songs and they most definitely have better music taste than you. Take notes people.