The Talking Stage is Terrible!


“What’s your favorite color?” That four word sentence is the most common but yet nauseating first question of the talking stage that should be banned from all of existence. The talking stage is the time before people start dating. It is a way for people to get to know each other before making a commitment. It is awkward and usually ends up failing anyway. It’s pointless.

Q: How long should the talking stage be?

Kyla Downs-Paprocki- “There shouldn’t even be one in the first place.”

Xzavier Mcfadden- “It should be two weeks.”

Alex Strzalkowski-“It depends if you were friends with the person before. Around a month is good.”

Q: What should you not talk about?

Kyla Downs-Paprocki- “Don’t talk about the obvious or something stupid like “what’s your favorite color” or “what’s your dogs name” because that doesn’t tell you anything about the person.”

Xzavier Mcfadden- “You shouldn’t talk about your favorite color”

Alex Stralkowski-“You shouldn’t talk about the future”

Q: What is the talking stage?

Kyla Downs-Paprocki- “The talking stage is the most pointless and awkward stage before getting into a relationship.”

Xzavier Mcfadden- “The┬átalking stage is where you get to know the person you are going to be dating.”

Alex Strzalkowski-“I don’t even know”

Q: How many failed ones have you had?

Kyla Downs-Paprocki- “I don’t know how many there are because I have too many.”

Xzavier Mcfadden- “I actually have only had one failed stage.”

Alex Stralkowski-“I’ve had too many”

The talking stage is very awkward and seems to drag on up until it fails. Everyone sees the talking stage differently, but the overall idea of the weirdness and the annoying questions is the same across the board. The perfect match for everyone is out there somewhere, but it’s probably not in the walls of your hometown high school.