What Color Coordinates with Each Class?


There is a big debate tearing apart the lives of students, what color represents each core class? This is very serious topic. Is science green? Is English blue? How can we sleep at night if we don’t know? Here are the ram’s opinions on which color coordinates with each core class.


When polled the majority of students said that math coordinates with red. Senior Kayla L. says, “When I think of the color red I automatically think of bad things and that is what math is to me.” Another senior agreed, Emily A. said “Math is just that subject that annoys me, it’s just a subject filled with red flags after red flags.”


When polled the majority of students said that English coordinates with blue. Junior Jaimie M. says, “I equate English with a light blue. To me they are both calm in their own ways. Light blue reminds me of the day sky and English is a peaceful subject that I find to be calming.”


When polled the majority of students said that science coordinates with green. Sophomore Chloe C. says, “Green with science just makes sense. When I think science, I think of green chemicals. In every movie you see that has a scene in a lab, there is some sort of green chemical. It’s just tradition.”

Social Studies

When polled the majority of students said that social studies coordinates with yellow. Senior Krissy T. says, “I feel like social studies reminds me of a mustard yellow. Both are kind of plain and just there. Social studies is one of the most boring subjects to me and I also find mustard to be one of the more gross condiments so they just go hand in hand for me.”