Parking Lot of Death


Anything would be better than sitting in school traffic after a long day. The school parking lot is everyone’s worst nightmare. It takes at least 20 minutes of screaming, honking, and fighting to get out of the parking lot. Things need to change.

Everyone who drives to school can speak from experience about how bad the parking lot is. A lot of students don’t have a seventh period so they don’t get stuck in school traffic.

Jacob Goodwin is a junior who’s had bad experiences in the school parking lot. He said, “I run out of school to get into my car to sit in traffic for at least 15 minutes. You have to be aggressive but also not get hit. I’ve had multiple people cut me off. Next year I won’t have a seventh period to avoid the traffic.”

Unlike Jacob, Georgia Brown is one of the many people who got hit in the school parking lot. She said, “I was sitting in school traffic when someone rear-ended me. I pulled over to get their information, but they drove off. Everyone in that parking lot is impatient and rude. I had to pay for all the damages myself.” We don’t need more people in Georgia’s situation due to a failure to regulate traffic.

There are three main ways to leave the parking lot. There’s an exit by the park, an exit by the football stadium, and another exit at the entrance to the school. The football stadium exit doesn’t have a light, and it leads directly into traffic. The buses and parents from the carline go out of the park exit. The main exit is packed with students trying to leave, and it doesn’t help that the light is short. We need another exit.

The parking lot is a major problem for students. Fixing the problem at hand is easier said than done. It would be expensive, time-consuming, and disturb the already established road. The benefits and headaches saved would be worth all the hassle that would come with fixing the parking lot for not only the students but also the administration.