Country Thunder was Mid


The sight of porta pottys, long lines, trucks, thousands of fans, boots, and hats screams Country Thunder. County Thunder was from October 21st to October 23rd. Performers like Morgan Wallen, Jason Aldean, Chase Rice, Chris Young, and more were there.

Many people, like Jacob Goodwin, skipped homecoming to attend Country Thunder. He said, “I went with my girlfriend and her friends to the festival. The weather was really nice and I loved all of the music. We were pretty far back, but we still had a great time. It was really unorganized though. The line to get in was at least a few hours, the line for food was over 45 minutes, and the line for the bathroom was always at least 30 people.”

Similar to Jacob’s response, Sadie Altman had some positive and negative takeaways from the festival. She said, “I had an amazing time listening to all the performers, but my favorite was Morgan Wallen. I got close up and took some really cool pictures and videos. The only things that were annoying was how long the lines were and how the porta pottys had no toilet paper.”

The unorganized side of the festival that both Sadie and Jacob were talking about was due to the massive amount of people. Large crowds are hard to control and supply. Despite theĀ  problems with the festival, it is agreed that seeing your favorite performers is worth it.

Country Thunder is an investment that everyone should make if you enjoy county music. The environment and the music is something that everyone will never forget, including myself. While, some thing need to improve, the overall experience despite the lines and bathrooms was a definite 10/10.