Christmas present ideas (online edition)!!




It’s officially December you know what that means. Christmas time! Now obviously the holidays are going to look a bit different this year due to COVID-19 and something you may not be able to do is shop in person. With that, online shopping is a must this holiday season. Here are five gift ideas that are available online.

  • Polaroid Photo Printer

There is a new bedroom trend going around where you put a bunch of polaroid pictures on one of your walls. With that, this gift could be super useful for some of your teenage family members/friends. The photo printer is available on most online shopping sites like Amazon and eBay.

  • LED lights

Going along with bedroom decoration gifts, LED lights are a great gift for a loved one in Gen Z. TikTok has made the LED lights very popular with all of the trends including them. Besides the trends, the lights can be used to get certain lighting in Instagram pictures, to make your room less bright at night, and more. These can also be found on your average online store.

  • PS5

Most definitely the most popular gaming console right now. Any gamer friend/family member you know would just LOVE this. You must consider there is a high demand for this gaming console. You’ll have to do much research to find this console anywhere. I’d recommend looking at the online Best Buy store.

  • Vinyl records & players

A lot of people will think of vinyls as a thing of the past but recently it has gained popularity, especially over quarantine. So a vinyl record of a loved one’s favorite album may be a good idea. Vinyl records and players are quite easy to find on Amazon.

  • Masks

Now would I be mad if I got this a gift? Maybe, but it’s useful. This is one of those gifts someone will not ask for but will most definitely use. We tend to ask for things that we will barely use so this may not be a horrible idea. With the pandemic getting worse daily you know this available in almost every shop online or not.