Hot or Not: Buzz Cut Trends at Lake Mary


 There are naked mole rats roaming our halls, and I’m not talking about the animal.  Recently a buzz cut trend has traveled through Lake Mary, encouraging guys to chop off their flows and disappoint many of their fans. Is this movement going to ruin lives or save them?

What led these men to sacrifice their hair is the people around them. Generally, advice or pressure from friends is to blame. Elijah Wilkerson states, “My friends offered me money if I cut my hair, so I did.” Additionally, sports teams have decided to test out the new hair style together. Destin Williams explains, “Lacrosse boys get buzz cuts to fit in with the rest of the team. It’s a little tradition.“ 

With some people worshiping the new hair and others running for their lives, the reviews are mixed. When Elizabeth Allen was asked why her boyfriend’s buzz cut did not affect her relationship with him she replied, “Because his hair doesn’t mean much to me.” Despite some people feeling indifferent to it, others have much stronger opinions. Parker Blomquist passionately explains, “I find buzz cuts absolutely atrocious in every manner. We should exterminate them so we don’t have to see ears peeking out and weird head shapes.” 

With all this in mind, it is up to you to decide if buzz cuts are hot or not.