Top Birthday Fails


Happy Birthday! Or not. Opening a bad gift is one of the worst ways to start off a birthday. No one would be happy if they got a power cord or shoe rack instead of getting the xbox they’ve been dreaming of.

The start of the new year also means the inevitable growing up. While it may be some peoples worst fear, it also brings new beginnings and opportunities. Gifts like a new phone, clothes, or a new computer may be on your list. I can tell you what won’t be on your list: trash bags, hangers, or extension cords.

Alex Strzalkowski was one of the unlucky kids who received socks for her birthday. She said, “I normally get gifts that aren’t ideal for my birthday, but I always say that it’s the thought that counts. My birthday was in December and I got socks. I wasn’t thrilled about them, but I’m still appreciative that my parents even thought of something to get me. Everyone needs socks anyways. ”

Alex is a perfect example of someone who didn’t get what they wanted for their birthday. Unlike Alex, Payton Bloomquist got everything she wanted for her birthday and then some. Payton said, “I got a new phone, necklaces, and clothes for my birthday. I’m very happy with all my gifts. I felt so special all day and I am very thankful for everything my parents got me.” Alex and Payton had two very different birthdays, but they are both appreciative.

Birthdays are all about yourself  and no one else. You deserve to feel special on your day. No matter if you get your dream gift, no gift, or a gift you hate, you are still important and should make the best of your birthday.