Don’t be basic: Buy bougie water!


There are some water snobs lurking the halls of Lake Mary High. Dasani, Aquafina or the bougie water that comes from virgin wells in the French Alps, we all have our preferences. 

The number one water pick at Lake Mary is Dasani. Simple, accessible, cheap and without any style. Come on Lake Mary… are we this dull? Up your game with these bougie water choices.



You’ll probably recognize this water brand… it is known for being THE fancy” water. Who wouldn’t love the soft, smooth taste of Artesian water? What makes it different is the extraordinary origin of the remote islands of Fiji. Fiji water is found deep underground, filtered by volcanic rock. For 34 ounces, Fiji cost around $3. For comparison, an average water bottle costs $1.50. Fiji is nothing compared to some water bottle brands in this world; there are far more bougie waters than Fiji. 



Said to be, “The purest water in the world.” Iluliaq develops from the east coast of Greenland and preserved from ice caps. It happens to have a rare level of purity of 5 ppm. In comparison, tap water has a ppm that varies from 100 to 300. Most recommend not to drink water above 500 ppm. Iluliaq is the only iceberg water produced in Greenland. For one bottle it’s estimated to be around $50 a bottle.


Ô Amazon

Known as a life experience. How good could it be? Ô Amazon persists of the Amazon rainforest-air in Brazil. It develops from humid rainforest air flow to condensed water.  One bottle is around $80.


Svalbarði Polar Iceberg Water

You want expensive water, this is it! Selling for an estimate of $200 for two liters. That’s equal to two water bottles. It originates from Norway and melted from an iceberg. Preserved from ice and ancient snow that creates a light and smooth flavor. Some have even said that it tastes like a snowflake landing on your tongue. Additionally, Svalbarði’s purpose gains to fight global change and aid the arctic.


Filico Jewelry Water

Filico produces one of the most expensive water brands that markets mineral water. Depending on the collab, Filico can range from $150 to $10,000. Filico is known for creating unique bottles. They use various stones/crystals to decorate their bottle that are topped with a crown for the cap. Filico consists of spring water from Kobe, Japan. Filico bottles are all handmade.  Subsequently, compared to other brands only 5,000 bottles are manufactured per month.  



I asked Andrew H., “Is expensive water worth buying?”

He responded, “No, not at all. If you are paying more money for the same thing, it’s not worth it. Water is water.” 


I spotted August M. drinking Fiji water and asked their opinion on it. They said, “To be honest, it all tastes the same. I’ll drink any water. Water is just water. All water basically comes from the same place. Typically, I have Nestle Pure Life and Fiji ironically.”