How to lose a guy in 10 days as a teenager


Sometimes you have so much rizz and charm that you can’t help but attract everyone. The issue with this is that even creeps fall in love. So I decided to discover which techniques scare them away best. I grouped my findings into three C-named categories. 


Category 1: Cling

The first sums up to acting like his wife. Become so clingy and needy that he feels suffocated. Get mad when he doesn’t text you back after five minutes. Ask him how he is feeling or how his day is going as many times as possible. If you can find a post of him from 2016, like it! Stalk his socials and interact with all of his pictures or videos in the span of two minutes. Lastly, you can do my personal favorite, and talk about how cute you and his children are going to be. Natalie Talbert described, “Once I accidentally let it slip that this blue eyed boy and I would have pretty babies. He went silent and walked away after. I’m pretty sure we haven’t talked since then. They were really pretty eyes, though.” This tactic will surely send anyone running for the hills. 

Category 2: Curve

The second type of turn offs consists of not being needy enough. Yes, I know that contradicts my previous statements, but a guy is a confusing and complex creature! To tame this animal you’ll need to respond to his texts as slow as possible, talk to his friends more than him, text a lot of other guys, and make it obvious you don’t care as much as he wishes you would. Another charming feature of guys is that they love to talk about themselves. So don’t let them. When you do encounter them just continuously rant about nonsense. Say nothing but everything at the same time! Parker Strait explained, “I was hanging out with this girl and she just kept going on and on and on. At some point I started debating on if I should fake my own death so she would just stop talking. Definitely the worst experience ever.” This technique will surely work wonders.  

Category 3: Criticize

The third category is made up of sounding like a strict, disappointed mother. Basically, being rude and bossy while criticizing his favorite things. Make fun of his sport, expensive shoes, favorite football or basketball players, hobbies, and hair. Jake Nix declared, “Yeah my hair is pretty much my prized possession. If a girl ever says anything about it, she is immediately cut off.” You can also tell him that video games are a waste of his time when he could be playing outside.  A guy will never look at you the same way after making that cruel statement. 


Any combination of these tactics might permanently scar someone, but we could support this. If you can even scare a creep so bad they can’t look at women the same, we thank you for cleaning the streets up. Good luck!