Siblings or Dating? Why Some Couples Look Related

Siblings or Dating? Why Some Couples Look Related

There are brothers and sisters kissing right in front of us. Well, not really. It just looks like it. This is not really incest, but something even weirder. This is a popular trend of people dating the male or female “versions of themselves”. So why are people attracted to others that look like them? To know, we have to break it down into 3 S categories: self, support, and security. 



The first reason is that people have egos. These egos tend to make them believe they are attractive and the way they look is the right way. Their eye and hair color is the perfect one to have. This then translates to them being attracted to someone with similar features. Claire Wright, a brown-eyed brunette explained, “My type is a boy with dark hair and dark eyes. Kind of like my own.”



The second reason includes how people tend to go for someone that resembles their parents. Studies prove that men tend to like people that mirror their mothers and females feel the same with people like their fathers. Since the children genetically come from their parents, they tend to look like them. This phenomenon stems from parents being some of the first people to love and nurture someone. People tend to then look for this treatment in their future partners. Saylor Ackley states, “My biggest supporters are my family. I hope to find someone as nice as my dad one day.” 



The third reason is that people like to feel comfortable. They will follow familiar features they see persistently. What they see in the mirror will be what they look for in others. Parker Blomquist explains, “I look in the mirror basically a thousand times a day. I literally have my whole face memorized.” This security in themselves then causes them to search for features identical to their own. 


In conclusion, people tend to go for their “siblings” because of the familiarity found in it.