What Disney Park Is The Best?


Disney has recently came out with new rides that shifts peoples opinion on what park is best.

The assortment of new rides and trusted oldies is staggering.  A Disney day-tripper just has so many good options to choose from. For example, Guardians of the Galaxy is a new ride at Epcot, and my favorite ride that I’ve probably ever been on. Tron is a new ride in Magic Kingdom, close number two behind Guardians. There are also the original rides like Space Mountain, Test Track, Tower of Terror, and Mount Everest. If your someone who likes rides then this is going to be a big factor for which park is your favorite. Every Park has at least 1 good ride, although Animal Kingdom is probably the only one with one good ride so I wouldn’t recommend it for riding rides.

Animal kingdom is a good park if your someone who likes nature and culture. They have tons of animals you can go and look at and learn about. They also have different shows about some different cultures and tour rides to look at nature and animals. If you want to go ride rides then I would recommend Mount Everest at Animal Kingdom. It’s a roller coaster that takes you through a yeti hunt. My favorite part of Animal Kingdom is pandora, based on avatar they have a section with some cool things to look at and a really cool ride. Flight of passage is a ride where you sit on a banshee and ride through pandora. It feels so realistic with the wind, water, and smells. Pandora also has a boat ride where it looks like you are actually in pandora with all the colors and nature.

Epcot is a good park if your someone who just likes to walk around and eat, or even if you like art. Epcot has different festivals like the festival of the arts, and the flower and garden festival. Epcot is based on different countries as you walk ‘around the world’. They have places like Germany, Japan, Mexico, and more. Epcot recently came out with a new ride, Guardians of the Galaxy, and it’s my new favorite ride, I have never heard something bad about that ride. They also have Test Track there where you get to build your own car then throughout the ride you compete with other people. At Epcot they have lots of food options and even some drink options.

Hollywood Studios is a good place for rides. They have Tower of Terror, Rock n Roller Coaster, and the whole Toy Story area. They have some cool shows and shops if that’s what you like doing. You can walk around look at some cool buildings, eat some good food, and ride a couple of rides.

Lastly, is Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom is like the original Disney park with all the original rides. If your wanting the original Walt Disney experience, the I would recommend going to Magic Kingdom. They have rides like thunder mountain, space mountain, dumbo, and so much more. They also have the new ride Tron. If you have kids I would recommend this park, they have Disney characters walking around here kids can interact with, they have the firework show, and they have parades throughout the day.

I interviewed some people round school to see what their favorite park is. Sophomore Trevin Lamb says, “definitely Epcot because there’s guardians of the galaxy and there’s a lot of other things you can do too.” Julia Berzovich says, “Magic kingdom because it’s original and has the most and best rides in my opinion.” Sydney Petriccione says, “Animal Kingdom because I like the pandora area and looking at all the animals.” I think that Epcot is the best Disney park because it might not has a lot of rides, but the ones they do are the best rides in all the parks. There is also so much other entertainment at Epcot that you could never get bored.