CAS Reviews: Jollibee


(C)hloe, (A)lyssa, and (S)tarlyn take on the new Filipino fast food restaurant, Jollibee. This restaurant opened here in central Florida this January but is already going viral around town. From coconut pineapple pie to hot dog spaghetti, it sounds too intriguing to not try. Here is what we thought about some of the items on this interesting menu.

Pineapple Quencher: 7/10

“This drink was very nice. My only problem with it was that it tasted like pure pineapple. The menu said that it’d be a mixture of multiple things, not just pineapple.”- Chloe

Chicken Tenders: 8/10

“Were the tenders unique? Nope. They were really good though. They were savory and crispy. The tenders were also huge, I ordered a 3-piece and I was full after having half of 1 chicken tender.”- Alyssa

Spicy Fried Chicken: 4/10

“My biggest pet peeve concerning fried chicken is when the chicken is so moist that it practically falls off of the bone after one bite. This fried chicken had that exact problem. My other problem was that this chicken wasn’t spicy when it was advertised as such.” -Starlyn

French Fries: 8/10

“These fries were very good, nice and crispy. They were a better version of McDonald’s fries, the two are pretty similar though. The only notable difference is that the Jollibee fries aren’t soggy.”- Starlyn

Jollibee Spaghetti: 6/10

“This was the weirdest spaghetti I’ve ever had in my life. The spaghetti’s sauce was described as “sweet” on the menu and it also contained hot dog pieces. Even with all of this, I didn’t hate it. I weirdly liked the hot dog pieces on the spaghetti. I can’t say I liked the sweet sauce on top though, it threw me off.”- Alyssa

Peach Mango Pie: 9/10

“This was the best thing here! The mango & peach were very sweet, the filing was great, the pie crust had a nice flakey texture, and it was super warm. Nothing to complain about.” -Chloe