Tips for Incoming Freshman, My High School Experience So Far.


Entering high school is very nerve-racking, especially with all the stereotypes in movies and television. Stereotypes like being shoved into lockers, the basic clicks, and who to sit with at lunch. people will face both social and academic changes as they go into the best and final four years of compulsory schooling, including time management and more. I will talk about 5 main tips for incoming freshmen and my high school experience so far. I can tell you so far it isn’t that bad!

  • First, learn the school. Take the time to explore the school-making sure you know where your classes are, lunchrooms, bathrooms, staircases, and more. Also, most schools will have an orientation to see where all your classes are and how to get there. Also, try to make sure you have someone with you that you know at orientation that goes to your school and has classes with you.


  • GET ORGANIZED! You may have thought that middle school had a lot of work but high school has WAY more assignments. High school is getting you ready for college and life the next four years will be filled with projects, tests, assignments.


  • Sign up for activities! In high School they offer SO MANY activities. From sports to going to a pep rally.


  • Build good relationships with your teachers and friends. If you have that one teacher or friend you can always go to and always talk to it will help you in the long run so much.

My experience so far has been great. I’ve made so many new friends and so many new relationships with people. It has been a big change since middle school but in the long run it isn’t as scary as everyone says. Yes the school is big and its intimidating but overall I made it and you will too!