Stop Disrespecting My Crystals!


Crystals and spirituality are starting to become a trend... It surfaced on tiktok a couple months ago. First it just started off with videos like tarot readings and astrology but now it has become so much more. There is even a side of tiktok called WitchTok. It’s filled with spiritual talks, meditation, and even witchcraft spells. Which is very cool.  

One of the main things that surfaced from it are crystals.  

But what’s so special about crystals? It’s not like they can attract love into your life, heal you, make your energy better, etc. WRONG… That’s exactly what crystals do. There’s over thousands of crystals in the world and each type has a certain “power”. For example, if you are looking for some love in your life rose quartz is the perfect crystal. It will give your heart good vibes. Start new beginnings, align desire with pure intent, and just have good intentions. Another crystal is tiger eye. This stone releases anxiety and fear, brings harmony and balance, and stimulates taking action (helps you make decisions with understanding and not let your emotions get in the way). There are so many others that do so many different things. 

It is great that people are learning about spirituality, crystals, and witchcraft. But sadly, all good things have to have something bad Some people are not respecting it. There’s a lot more to it than just special rocks with powers. 

 People will try spells without knowing anything about them, use white sage, wear the evil eye and crystals as a trend, not even respect or believe in the religions that it stemmed from such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and many more. Another thing is people will take all their facts from tiktok without reading into it. Tiktok is like Wikipedia. Not a good source!! 

Gen z has definitely made a huge jump into spirituality and it’s amazing. It’s like biting into an apple and there’s chocolate in the middle. There’s so many interesting and amazing things to learn. Tiktok has definitely helped more people learn about it and open up to it. 

Jaden a freshman at Lake Mary says, “I think it’s great that spirituality is coming into the light and that people are being open about it and understanding it more, but people definitely still need to respect it even if they don’t believe.” Alex agrees… She says,I find crystals and spirituality so interesting and I’m so happy more and more people are talking about it.”