LMHS Welcomes Rad Surf Club

LMHS Welcomes Rad Surf Club

Ally H., staffer

With the help of a few determined students that have a inspirational passion for surfing and the nature around them, Lake Mary High School has their 52nd club/organization, the first Seminole County Surf Club. The club held their first general meeting on Monday, February 22nd.

The Rams Surf Club was designed to cherish the love for the sport through instilling knowledge among all the members, participating in friendly competition, and volunteering in numerous ways to help out the surfing community. The club is meant for highly experienced surfers, to people that simply want to become more familiar with the surfing community and the marine ecosystems involved.

“I am so elated that a club like this was approved. I thoroughly love the beach and helping out the community in anyway I can, and I feel as though this is my chance to make a difference. I just can’t wait to see how much I learn and the friends I will make,” said sophomore Faith Adams.

One of many missions this club is to give back to the environment and community. Their plan is to fundraise with a club t-shirt sale, bake sales, car washes, and several other opportunities to raise money. Members of this giving club will also have the chance to volunteer at the Marine Discovery Center, “Pipeline to a Cure”, through non-profit organizations for beach clean-ups, and “Surfers for Autism.”

In addition to their volunteering and fundraising, the more advanced members will hosting surfing clinics. This is the chance for other members, parents, and teachers at Lake Mary High that have the will to learn a few things about surfing. From there, these newbies will be able to attend “free surf” after school Wednesday and on the weekends (weather permitted of course).

“I have always been inspired to surf but then again really scared to do it alone. Not only will this club give me the chance to finally fulfill that dream, but also meet new friends in the meantime while doing something truly fascinating and good for the environment,” said sophomore Hailey Burden.

The Rams Surf Club is already started, and you don’t have to have any prior knowledge to join. Signing up will guarantee you a personal gain some time before the school year ends. Find more information at: www.facebook.com/ramssurfclub or twitter.com/ramssurfclub or RAMSSURFCLUB on Instagram. Also sign up for the Remind App for additional text reminders on club meetings, events, etc. at @ramssurf to 81010.