Kirsten’s Korner: Dang Girl, That’s a Fine Shoulder


Kirsten K., Campus Editor

Many schools claim to have dress codes in place to reduce “distractions” in the classroom.  They don’t want a kid’s graphic tee with a “leaf” to cause disruption at a certain time during the day nor do they want students focusing on how sexy an outfit is instead of what the teacher is saying.  However, around the country, some schools have taken the dress code regulations out of whack.  Here are the most shocking dress code violations.

In the conspiracy state of Idaho, senior Evette Reay was suspended on her last day of high school for wearing a dress that hit mid-thigh.  When she refused to change from the loose dress that hit a few inches above the knee, a teacher suspended her for insubordination and threatened to hold her diploma.

In Kentucky, Stephanie Hughes was sent home for exposing her collarbone.  Her mother claimed that school officials sent her daughter home because they were worried her exposed collarbone might distract male students.  But let’s be real, I can’t help but go crazy when I see a collarbone so who can blame them.

Probably the worst story comes from Florida.  Miranda Larkin was forced to change into a “shame suit” for wearing an almost knee-length loose skirt.  This “shame suit” consisted of a neon yellow shirt and red sweatpants that both read “DRESS CODE VIOLATION”.  She was so upset when she was told to change that she broke out in hives, resulting in her story going viral, exposing the school’s humiliating ritual.

One of the more laughable scenarios and quite frankly ridiculous ones comes from New Jersey.  Eight-year-old Kylie is required to wear collared shirts in white, navy blue, or dark green, but school officials felt that her shirt wasn’t “dark green enough” so she was suspended for the day.

At a Florida school called Lake Mary, junior Lauren Reid was dress coded for wearing a shirt which exposed her shoulders.  She shared that changing made her miss 30 minutes of instructional time in class but at least she wasn’t distracting the boys, right?