The To-Do List: Freshman Edition


Avah M., Executive Editor

Freshman year offers once in a lifetime opportunities, many of which people are completely neglect. At first glance, freshman year can seem humiliating and pointless- it’s a daunting task being the upperclassmen’s muse. But in reality there’s a silver lining to all of the comedic degradation, so why not take advantage of it?

Your first year should be all about experimenting (no, not that kind) with your look. High school is all about discovering who you really are, and what better way to do that than establish a personal brand? Whatever trends seem appealing, whether it be rainbow eyeshadow or bangs, just go for it. It’s better to find out what does and doesn’t work freshman year because waiting until senior year to figure out you weren’t destined to be a blonde is embarrassing. “I still shudder looking at selfies I took freshman year,” said junior Ezra Zacharias. “Duck lips were super trendy and I thought I looked super cute and I kind of did, but not as cute as I look now of course.”

Freshman year is also peak time for forming new friendships and cutting middle school ties. With almost 3,000 people at Lake Mary you’re likely to find at least one new friend, if not a whole new group. Just like your style, you’ll want to test out new things regarding your social life. “Freshman year is definitely the time to start expanding your ‘friendship horizons,'” said junior Emily Carter.  “Everyone is new freshman year, so everyone is more open to making friends, well at least most people. Compliment someone, join a club, or just start talking to people.” Sure it’s awkward at first, but many of the friendships you form your first year at Lake Mary will continue throughout the remainder of your high school career, so it’s totally worth it.

While being booed out of pep rallies and trash canned on Fridays isn’t the glamorous high school experience you imagined, it’s a rite of passage. Not to mention it’s only a year of your life. But it can be the defining year of your high school experience, so take advantage of it while it lasts: branch out, try new things, and get good grades (seriously if you get anything from this article let it be that, you won’t regret it).