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Bathroom passes and Ebola

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A new addition has forced it’s way into Lake Mary. Let’s be real, it is the most disgusting thing yet. I may just be me over thinking the process, but these new hall passes travel with every student to the bathroom. Being hung on the door, placed on the floor or even falling in the toilet- every pass goes through an experience each time it leaves the classroom; then a new student picks it up, signs it out and takes it with them on their own journey. They don’t get washed, and some students don’t even have the decency to wash their own hands. Imagine the germs traveling with that pass.
Juniors Alexis H. and Megan C. complain about having to wait in class. Alexis says “I have to wait for a boy to come back from the bathroom before I can go. I like using the planners better because I didn’t have to wait a century.”
Megan C. complains about having to use the same pass as everyone else. “It’s just gross imagining the diseases I can get from having to use the bathroom,” She says, adding an eye roll.
I asked if anyone had a positive input about the passes, and Ysanne S. says that she sees how it can help the teachers keep track of how many students they have out of class, unfortunately she says she won’t be using the bathroom at school at all this year.
I witnessed Michael B., also a junior, asks his teacher if he can use his planner instead of the pass, and she refuses to allow him to go, claiming its a ‘policy’.
So, is this new ‘policy’ for the better or for the worse?

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Bathroom passes and Ebola