Logan Movie Review

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Marcel Baez

The film Logan, which has already hits theatres, is the final movie in the epic Wolverine film saga in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Logan is now considered to be one of the best superhero movies of all time. But is it really? If you keep reading you’ll get the truth and some spoilers!

The film Logan takes place in a future where there are no X-Men, no superheroes, and barely any mutants left in the world. Logan (the Wolverine) and Professor X are shown to be some of the only mutants left/mentioned in the world and live together in a place shut off from the world. This strange young girl named Laura who pops into their lives is a mutant who was experimented on who is being hunted down for escaping the facility she was being tested and contained in. When she finds her FATHER Logan (I told you there were spoilers!), he and Professor X must take her on a cross country trip to a place called Eden where there are mutants who are all safe. I won’t go on any more about the film because I’m like Wikipedia and going to give you the whole plot to the movie, cause that’s just downright wrong.

Even though a good chunk of superhero movies are mediocre with the hero(s) trying to defeat the villain, this one was different. In this film it had such strong character development that you could watch the characters grow immensely in just the mere 137 minutes you were allotted to see them for. And of course there were the good guys vs bad guys, but the characters in the films main objective was not to save the world from world domination,  but it was about saving what was left of their mutant kind before they were wiped out completely. Sophomore Nafisa Chowdury said: “I thought that the movie was awesome! It wasn’t just your regular super hero movie; it was so much more than that. I literally cried from some scenes.” And of course since this was a superhero movie there was obviously action scenes. The action scenes were completely awesome and were so cool to see, even though most of them were very gruesome, so you might not want to bring a young person you know to this film unless you want them to learn new profanity or to be scarred by all the gut wrenching and very vivid fight/ action sequences. “My favorite part was when Logan had to fight his evil clone and even when they kept taking serious blows, they both just kept regenerating because that is one of their many powers.” said sophomore Alyssa Case.

With this film marking the last appearance and final hoorah for the character Wolverine (Logan), it was great send off for him. With this film having great character development, a very in depth plot, and a more than good supply of action sequences, it has all the right components, in my opinion, to be one of the best action films of the year, and one of the most well- made super hero films of all time.

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