The Secret Aspirations of Teachers


Zoya M.

Many of your teachers have a secret side that nobody knows about. The Rampage went undercover and found out what each teacher would be doing if they weren’t listening, explaining, and yelling (at some of us) all day. You’ll be surprised at what some of them had to say.

Mr. DeSanto says he would like to be a computer programmer. “I’ve always like computers but I was too old, computers weren’t a big thing when I was in college.” Maybe he would be hacking some government agency ,working for the CIA, or fixing Ecampus and Skyward when they crash. AP World teacher Mr. Colon said, “I would like to be an alligator trapper. Nuff said.” I decided not to question him any further. He could’ve been the next Steve Irwin, “The Alligator Hunter”. Hopefully he doesn’t get electrocuted by a stingray in the chest. We love you, Mr. Colon! We all just wished you’d curve the tests. – (Your sophomores).

The secret side of teachers varies, as you have seen already. Ms. McGhee says that if she weren’t a teacher, she would like to be a tutor. “I would like to be a singing chemistry tutor because I love teaching kids about the subject but I wouldn’t have to deal with the “other” things involved with being a teacher. Plus- who wouldn’t want a singing tutor!” I agree. Scoot over, Khan Academy.

Some teachers felt especially strong about what they would want to be if they weren’t a teacher. Mr. Pentz, who teaches Algebra 2 and Trigonometry, says he would like to be a divorce attorney- “To help dads keep their parenting rights as an equal partner in the raising of their children. I would also be an advocate for divorced parents to attend family counseling. Parents need to learn how to work together for the sake of the children, even if the marriage has ended.” You go, Mr. Pentz! Defend those dads! Ms. Norwood, who also teaches Algebra 2, says that she would like to be an actress. When asked why, she responded, “The arts are my passion and I feel like my true self on the stage.”

Little did you know about some of our favorite teachers at Lake Mary. Most of the time, we just see the one side of teachers- what subject do they teach, if they’re strict or not, stuff along those lines. But everyone has aspirations and can see themselves living different lives. So maybe you’ve been inspired. If your dream job doesn’t work out, you can always become an alligator trapper.