Were Your Solar Eclipse Glasses a Scam?


Ryan McGuire, Executive Editor

On August 21, 2017 everyone all around America gathered outside to look at the great solar eclipse.  It was the first one this decade, and a first for many of us here at Lake Mary as well.  Lucky for LMHS, our physics/astronomy department graciously purchased hundreds of NASA approved glasses so students could watch this historical event.  However, some people were not so lucky when trying to find glasses last minute, and were taken advantage of and sold faulty glasses that were “NASA approved.”

Junior Emily Patel said, “I got my glasses through Mr. DeSanto.  I am enrolled in a physics class so it was easy to find some, but I know not everyone was as fortunate.  I can’t imagine being sold fake glasses; as the eclipse got closer, the prices raised, and the easier it is to scam people.  You put your trust in someone selling you something, when maybe you shouldn’t.”