LMHS Gets Even More Crowded


Ryan McGuire, Executive Editor

Around Lake Mary, residents are seeing a build up of new houses, all zoned for the school, that are going to bring more students into our halls.  Yet, Lake Mary is already over-crowded, as we can clearly see throughout the hallways and at lunch.

Our school is already filled to the brink. Lake Mary was not made to fit thousands upon thousands of students, like Seminole High School is.  Sophomore Isabela Schmitt says, “I think Lake Mary already has too many people, which makes it hard for us to be in a safer environment.”

In the beginning of the year, every LMHS student fears the dreaded unwanted schedule changes often called “leveling”.  We all hope that it will not be us this year, or that our friend in second period won’t get switched out, or we won’t end up with the bad history teacher that you hear all your friends talk about.  Well, leveling could be worse with so many kids clogging our halls.

Whether it’s limiting the number of kids that can come to Lake Mary, or expanding the school itself to accommodate the overflow of students, Lake Mary needs to do something about overcrowding. We need to unite as a school, as a city, and as a community, to find a working solution to prevent the chaos that is bound to come with the overflow of students at Lake Mary.