Athlete Spotlight: Sam Whitty


Jose M., Staffer

Senior Sam Whitty led the varsity football team to victory against one of our biggest rivals: Lake Brantley. His catch allowed the team to maintain their winning streak, making them a competitor for the district title.

Q: (Jose) How’d it feel to catch the game winning touchdown against Brantley?

A: (Sam) Honestly, a lot of emotions ran through my head. I was proud of myself as soon as it happened and glad I could pull it off for the team because I love those boys. Overall, it was a great game for us.

Q: What does it mean to have Brandon Brown as your quarterback?

A: First off, Brandon is amazing. If anyone else threw that ball, it wouldn’t have been as good because he threw it right there-perfect. I’m glad to have him as our quarterback.

Q: What does this win mean for the team moving forward?

A: This win makes us undefeated in districts, which is a huge step towards making the playoffs. We beat University, which means we just have to wait and see how the Seminole game goes. If we win, we go to districts.

Q: What would a 9-1 season mean for you guys?

A: A 9-1 season? Wow, that would be amazing. However, we still have a lot to accomplish. That was our goal from the beginning though, to bring Ramnation back. If we make the playoffs, I will go nuts. It would be so big for the team because we haven’t been since freshman year and it would mean a lot to the seniors.

Q: What does it mean to you to see Ramnation supporting the team at games?

A: The Ramnation [support] is amazing. Honestly, it’s not the same without the fans- they make it fun and its not as live without them. I love each and every person at the games, especially the way they support us. The crowd at the Brantley game was amazing and they basically gave us a home-field advantage.

Q: What does it mean to have Coach Perry as a coach, pushing you everyday to get better?

A: Coach Perry is an amazing coach. He gets under my skin at times, but that’s how all good coaches are. He’s helped me get to where I am today as a player.

Q: This is the best offensive line Lake Mary has had in a long time. What does that mean for the offense?

A: Obviously, without a great offensive line, Brandon can’t throw the ball which means we can’t run the ball. Having a great offensive line makes us a threat against whatever team we play against.

Whitty encouarages Ramntion to continue supporting the varsity boys as they advance in the district football league.