Struggling With Studying? Try These Tips

Avah M., Executive Editor

As the end of the first semester approaches, the season for intense study sessions and semester grades begins. If your first quarter studying plan didn’t work out as well as you thought or you’re just desperate for new ideas, look no further than these methodical, fool-proof studying systems.

The Newtonian MethodYou’ve heard the story of how Sir Isaac Newton (allegedly) discovered gravity: as he was sitting under a tree, an apple fell, hit him on his head, and boom! He knew gravity. So why not take notes from the man who brought you Calculus by using a similar strategy? Known as the Newtonian Method, this system is not for the weak. If you’re studying for a math or science based class, take the assigned textbook and have you or someone else drop it on your head; if the teacher assigned you a study guide, use that instead- your brain can process the smaller portion of information faster. Conversely, if you’re studying for an English or history based class, you will need to do a handstand and drop the coordinating textbook or study guide on your feet. The effects of this method depend on how quickly your body can process the information, so you may have to repeat it several times to get any results. 

Sleep On It: If you want a painless study session with minimal work, try the Sleep Method. The idea is simple: gather all your exam materials and organize them into a pallet. The key to making this actually work is that you can’t sleep with any of your usual bedtime materials- like a bed, sheets, or pillows. For maximum comfort, deconstruct all your study guides and tape them together to form a functioning blanket and use your backpack as a pillow; if you require back support, line your textbooks up to function as a firm mattress. By surrounding yourself with educational materials as you sleep, your body is bound to absorb the information.

Prayers for Passing: If non-spiritual methods have failed you in the past, use the Prayer Method. It’s as easy as it sounds: pray for yourself, pray for your friends, make your friends and family pray for you. “Before a big day of tests, my mom is always sure to tell me she prayed for me. It’s very helpful,” said senior Keira Wilson. It’s important to let everyone know that you were prayed for- especially your teachers. The best way to do this is to nonchalantly mention this fact as you’re handed the test; make sure to maintain eye contact, don’t blink! This moment is sure to make such a significant impact on your teacher that when they notice you failed, the power of the Grade God’s will compel them to give you a generous curve.

Write the Test the Right Way: If you get to the test only to realize the aforementioned methods didn’t work for you, there’s still hope: the Rewrite Method. Now, this method is only to be used in desperate situations and it is most effective with paper tests, not electronic. To use the Rewrite Method, simply go through each question on the test and rewrite the question and answers in a way that you understand. For example, if you’re taking a math test and you get to a problem that needs to be factored with the quadratic equation but you have no idea what that is, rewrite the question with an equation that you know how to factor; then, make sure to change the answers and choose the correct one based on your new question. This method allows you to demonstrate your knowledge as well as express your ambition. Hopefully, your teacher honors these admirable traits and rewards your commitment with a passing grade.

If flashcards and review packets aren’t cutting it when you’re studying for exams, it’s time to start instituting more radical methods. Pain is temporary, your grades are forever.