Are Gender Neutral Bathrooms Good?


Aubrey H., Staffer

Disney is now allowing gender neutral bathrooms, meaning anyone who says they are female or male can go into the bathroom accordingly. No one can tell them otherwise. These bathrooms are a problem because men go into the girl’s bathroom for inappropriate reasons. This is very serious because of how public Disney is. It’s supposed to be fun instead of having scared parents of their daughters using the bathroom. No one should have to worry about using the bathroom. It would be a lot better and more managed if they created a third bathroom for transgender. A blogger, as well as a mom, took her kids to Disney and when she went to the bathroom a man walked in and just stood there watching and then walked by all of the stalls. She questioned if he was a transgender – female to male. If that was the case why would he be in the women’s bathroom? These type of scenarios are exactly why disney should allow a third, gender neutral bathroom.

Although it’s a problem, it’s also good for transgender people to use their desired bathroom based on their identification. It’s just not right if they say anyone can use either.

I asked sophomore, Harmony Tresca, how she would feel if a man saying he is female used the girl’s bathroom. She said, “as long as there were regular bathrooms as well as gender neutral bathrooms, it would be cool so people who don’t feel comfortable in that kind of public setting would be okay as well as not making it weird for everyone else.” To make everyone feel comfortable with their privacy, these highly public places need to accommodate everyone’s needs. Disney could easily create a third bathroom. I asked Junior, Madison Jurado, if she would be okay with a third bathroom dedicated for transgender people and she said “I feel that it’s better that way because I wouldn’t feel comfortable with them sharing a bathroom with me because she was once a man so it’s not the same.”

People are gonna stare and whisper, obviously, but if there was a third bathroom they wouldn’t have anything to fear while walking in. Some people would go as far as to hurt them because they aren’t “normal” like they are. There is so much hate and they can do something about it. They could have their own privacy like everyone else, and they would feel more comfortable as well and everyone would be happy. They could enjoy Disney and not have to worry about what happens after their 3 bottles of water kicks in.