Black Panther: Revolutionizing the World of Film

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Black Panther: Revolutionizing the World of Film

Kaavya S., News Editor

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If you’re a perceptive Ram, you have probably already seen the new Marvel film, Black Panther. If you haven’t seen it, you better jump on the bandwagon and buy your movie ticket.

The film begins when African monarch, King T’Challa, makes his return to his homeland, which is the technology-based nation known as Wakanda. T’Challa’s power becomes challenged by other groups within the nation. The hero known as the Black Panther joins forces with a CIA agent to prevent war and save the nation. Junior Vishnu Mavilla said, “It has already broken several records. It’s topping the box-office and it is one of the top grossing superhero movies. Not only was the film well portrayed and produced, but the casting greatly contributed to its success.”

The film consisted of an almost entire African American cast. Junior Madison Clise said, “This is one of the first chart-topping films with a cast that is predominantly African American. Although the film was not expected to do that well compared to other Marvel films, stars such as Michael B. Jordan and Lupita NYong’o proved critics wrong.” A large amount of the population believed that this movie would not succeed, especially because prior films that were rooted in African American culture did not become blockbusters. However, Black Panther is a game changer and it is revolutionizing the traditional views of society.

With the film industry lacking a great amount of African American actors, Black Panther is serving as a role model to African American kids all over the world.  Junior Emily Patel said “It was a well-crafted movie and I think it’s going to be really successful! Also, it is going to increase the presence of African Americans in the film industry, which is greatly needed.” For African Americans, seeing a lead superhero that looks like them makes them feel included and it encourages them to be something better in life and overcome the obstacles they have been previously faced.

This new hit has everyone asking for more. People have already started petitioning for Netflix to create a Black Panther television show. Netflix does have the capability of making the show become a reality. The company did already help bring heroes such as Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and several others to life. This desire of becoming a television show is no surprise considering the enormous cultural footprint and support the film has created.

The stories of Wakanda and Black Panther are only just beginning, so hang on and get ready for the change that many people have been awaiting to come.



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