The Abuse Of GoFundMe Pages


Marcel Baez, Editor In Chief

GoFundMe pages used to have good intent behind them. But not anymore. Now, go find me pages are used for people to steal money from others who actually want to donate their cash for those in dire need of it. Stealing through go fund me accounts have been trending all around the country, and it seems like they’re not going to stop. Individuals can easily make up charity case stories to get money from the kind of heat, when someone who needs money needs the support.

If you didn’t know GoFundMe is a website that gives anyone the opportunity to make their own fundraiser, allowing for people to donate to what your trying to raise money for. With the original purpose being used to help those in need, its heartfelt motivation has been turned as a breeding ground for the greedy and menacing.  Families who go through natural disasters could use it to rebuild their homes, or kids needing money for college can raise it to get an education to better themselves and strive for a brighter tomorrow for the world; but all these aspirations go down to the dumps of dreams that could have been, as they are spoiled by people saying they’re going to raise money for their local homeless shelter, when their really using it towards their summer vacation to the Bahamas. “I think that it’s disgusting how people would take advantage of such a helpful tool that could change the world.” said senior Amy Vazquez. A prime example of how GoFundMe pages are used for evil ulterior motives, are how a couple in New Jersey used their GoFundMe account to “supposedly” raise over $400,000 for a homeless man; but, the homeless man never received all his money, and the couple used most of the money for themselves. Over 14,000 people donated their own money to help this man dealing with poverty but were taken advantage of by a greedy couple. Luckily a judge ruled that the couple had to give back the money they raised back to the impoverished man. Senior Holly Desanctis commented: “I think it’s great that the judge did the right thing and didn’t just assume things or judge the man just for being poor.”.

With the inspiring motives of GoFundMe pages being sledged by wicked and immoral desires for those of only the nefarious, the desire to help those in need slim as the thirst for greed rises.